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Tsuyoi Asukai -The Destroyer- by cadefoster Tsuyoi Asukai
TG_TsuyoiAsukai_STAMP by SoulOfPersephoneTG_TsuyoiAsukai_TheDeathBringer by SoulOfPersephone
Team 121: Tsu-Na-Mi
Commission 212 by KuromiyaStudio
Team 112 Death Bringers:RETIRED
Ninja Kodak Moment by Shiori92
:HLV: Team 112 - Death Bringers by KirCorn

Tsuyoi Asukai Bonds (Very incomplete Update) by cadefoster

Kizashi Minawa:
Kizashi Minawa -The Hardy Genin - by cadefoster


Gwendolyn "Gwen" Aphenglow
Gwendolyn -Gwen- Aphenglow by cadefoster

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Finals: Tsuyoi's Voice Actor Voting
6 deviants said Henry Dittman (Kabuto)…
5 deviants said Wally Wingert (Renji)…
3 deviants said Dan Warren (Byakuya)…
1 deviant said To See Results
Tsuyoi Asukai -The Destroyer- by cadefoster
Tsuyoi Asukai -The Destroyer-
Risae and Ataru AsukaiCOMMISSION -Risae, Ataru and Tsuyoi Asukai- by ran-yukino

Update:Less Current Information will be added to a Stash Page.

Phoenix Party :
The Phoenix my chosen party. It is true that it would have been hard to turn my back on my family and clan. I think they are the reason I gave them so much thought as I did. They claim they want peace and that is want I hope for one day. They push for the treaties with the bordering villages than the assault the Fox has offered. Trade and economy is the promise they make which is what this village needs. So much money has been spent repairing our way of life, if we don't bring in income, there will be no village to protect. However, they carry the most dark and disturbing outcome. The full on potential of corruption. They want to rule the village from a council that will only allow the high class to be part of. How can the village of many clan less and small clans feel they are being represented if they have no say in the matters? They are offering status to clans and groups that join them. If a Clan or group is willing to sacrifice what they believe for the sake of power... how trust worthy can they be? I fear that they carry the one great hope for this village... and the greatest chance of it's destruction. I have to watch carefully. Even my own clan has stooped to so low an tactic as to assassinate someone, allegedly. 

Important Side Information:

- scar near his eyebrow and left cheek bone from arc 6 attack.
Tsuyoi Scar by cadefoster
- Diagonal scar from his left peck to torso.
- Vertical scar on his right arm from a Kitsune/Asukai brawl
- Large gash scar on his torso from Masked men attack.

Given Titles or Nicknames: Deathbringer, Living Fossil, The Kana Whisperer, Mister Prince

His sword name is Ushinawareta Tamashii
("lost soul" as in a soul which has no hope for salvation)

Mother Figures
    -Risae Tsuyoi (biological Mother)
    -Hikari Maeda (Sensei and mentally adopted mother growing up.)
    -Hiyori Sakana (Best friend to his family and source of many motherly advice he cannot ask Risae due to her proud nature.)

Reconnection with his family and old family friends:Failed Love:
Tsuyoi made close friends with the Sakana family. Through Natsu Sakana he met Hiyori Sakana. His time with the two opened him up to family values and even came to see Hiyori as another mother figure whom he loved dearly.
    -His Father Ataru's leg injury has gotten worse to the point if it becomes infected again he will most likely have to lose the leg. Tsuyoi started spending more time with him telling him of his days and how much Natsu meant to him.
    -Risae learned of Tsuyoi's friendship with Natsu and realized it was Hiyori Sakan. She had Ryuuji under her care as a Squad Leader before Tsuyoi was born. The family was close until Tsuyoi's class disappeared and they spent more time trying to make sure Tsuyoi was okay and safe than socializing. She visited Hiyori to invite the family over for a dinner in hopes of starting a new tradition.
    -Tsuyoi realized he had deep feelings for Natsu Sakana and went to her mother's book shop to ask her for her permission to ask her daughter out. He was faced with the news that she was dating who he later learned was Inugami and Natsu returned home. They trio was faced with the dilemma and the situation ended with Natsu and Tsuyoi in an alley crying and hugging as he accepted that he needed to move on and would cherish her as his friend.
    -The family dinner brought 2 generations of friends together allowing both sides to learn stories and histories never told to them. The families were able to catch up and deal with current political and emotional situations. ( More as the RP unfolds)

Tsuyoi was able to reconnect with Naoto Asukai a year after their encounter. She had forgiven him for what had happened and was more worried that he could not forgive himself. He ended up forgiving himself in Yamoto Park and openly hugged her not caring about the clan feud at the time. Later they took on the mission to the Cayons together and he formed a pseudo brother relationship with her.

Bridging the gaps
After his reuniting with Naoto, Tsuyoi went out of his way to start building friendships with fellow Asukai.
    -Yoichi came off as hostile and wanted nothing to do with Tsuyoi other than he felt bad for insulting a friend of Naoto.
    -Harumi Asukai opened up to Tsuyoi slightly after learning he followed the traditions of the main house but in his heart did not feel the Branch House was inferior and he respected them as ninja and as partners.

Old Friends
    -Kasue Kitsune reunited with Tsuyoi after the rescue mission in the Canyons. She expressed a huge interest in seeing him again after he cut ties with her after the clan war broke out. He is weary of this because of the still heated conflicts between the factions. He also fears she will not like the new person he has become.

Facing his past
Tsuyoi petitioned the Kage to allow him to see the official transcripts and records from the time his class was listed as missing. After reading them and engaging in ideas and possibilities over the lack of information that was present in the files came to one truth... even if his class were alive, they would not have been the people he loved all those years ago, With that realization in mind Tsuyoi felt more at ease with the situation and left feeling more at ease and that he could finally move on with his life but never forgetting a single name on that sheet.

Being a better human
    -Tsuyoi has approached Enkou about learning musical instruments
    -Manami has recruited Tsuyoi many times to help out with Tanako at the Orphanage.
    -Harumi showed Tsuyoi the joys of gardening.

___________________________________Post Arc10_______________________________________________

Tsuyoi has faced some sizable defeats in the past year. Where some of these are not directly his fault, it has damaged his dreams of being the best in sword play and left a major blow to the promise to his fallen friends he would be stronger so that no one else would be hurt.
-Squad Leader Exams: Failed
-Tokubetsu Jōnin Exams: Failed
-Mission to Ihaigakure: Failed
-Falling on the front lines protecting the village.

Return to the Old Ways
In recent months has felt more and more like a pariah. Small whispers and such, let his paranoia set in and overheard stories of events and situations that he and other friends partook in. Some were flattering where most were pure gossip or sadly true. This lead to him to rethink his choices to be more active in social situations. Maybe he had stretched himself too thin? Tsuyoi starts to ween himself off social ties and go back to the silent observer he once was. But...will his friends let him do that?

Since the attack on the village. Tsuyoi has started to piece somethings together that has lead to what he thinks is a revelation of connected events.
He talks of his idea to no one and started carrying around a second journal with him.
Some close friends that have been in his house no longer are allowed to see the portraits hanging in his room, in fact last sighting the wall had a section of it covered in parchment paper and map.

"I'm the key figure in an ongoing government charade, the plot to conceal the truth about the constant attacks and disappearence of individuals. It's an international conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest levels of power, that reaches down into the lives of every man, woman, and child on this continent, so, of course, no one believes me. I'm an annoyance to my superiors, a joke to my peers. They call me a Deathbringer. Deathbringer Tsuyoi Asukai, whose class mysteriously vanished when he was just a kid and who now chases after masked men with a handful of charms and a sword, shouting to the heavens or to anyone who will listen that the fix is in, that the sky is falling and when it hits it's gonna be the shit-storm of all time."

-Steam Buns,
-Good leather journal,
-Small groups or teams.
-Chances to prove himself to the Asukai.
-Finely made swords
-Large groups ( teams not social)
-Cheap Weapons.
-Bullies that pick on weaker people.
-People that cannot follow commands
-Clan Politics
-Where his life has gone
-Yamato III (because of his new found respect for his house.)
-Akihiko (For the fact of being so young and so much responsibility.)
-Noburo Asukai (He has become an inspiration and source of wisdom. The one person in the village he can still truly believe in.)
-Ataru Asukai (He sees all his father has accomplished and done. He strives to be like him and not fail him.) (He hasn't done a good job)
-Risae Asukai (He want to be a leader like her. He also wants her ability to remain level headed in the face of great adversity.)
Life Goals:
- To be the greatest swordsman in the Village
- To be a Squad Leader
-To be redeemed in the eyes of the village.

Notable Changes during the Time-Skip:

-wear long coat, normally draped over shoulders
-He No longer hides his left eye.
-A scar near his eyebrow and left cheek bone from arc 6 attack.

RANK: Chunin
Nin:   3.0
Tai:   2.0
Gen:  2.5
Tool:  4.5
Spd:  4.5
Int:    2.0
Stm:  3.0
Str:   3.0
Chr:  2.0
Seal: 3.0

Special Item:

The Infamous Sasuke's Blade

An Indestructible Blade that once belonged to an Infamous Warrior - Or so they say,
They say he was a Dark-haired Swordsman, maybe even Yuu Asukai himself? 
This Kunai is imbued with powerful Chakra that affects the wearer's abilities.
     - Wielding this Kunai Raises your Tool Damage by +2%
Sasuke Blade By Traceofhatred-d7hf847 by cadefoster

Techniques Scrolls Studied at the Dojo:

01. (Type) Scroll #01: (Physical Shadow Clones
 -Unlocked Technique 1. Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone Technique): B-rank
 -Unlocked Technique 2. Tajū Kage Bunshin (Multi-Shadow Clone Technique): A-rank
 -Unlocked Technique 3. Kage Bunshin (Nature-based Shadow Clone Technique): B-rank

Bukijutsu Technique Scroll #1: Basic B-Rank Techniques.

Two-handed Overhead Strike: B-rank (Offensive)
Backflip Slice: B-rank (Offensive)
Extended throw: B-Rank (Supplementary)

Tools and Utility Bundles Purchased from the Weapon Shop:
Tool Bundle #3: Smoke and Distraction Bombs.

 - Standard Smoke bomb x 10 (6 foot radius)
 - Large Smoke Bomb x 5 (12 foot radius)
 - Curry Powder Bomb x 10 (6 foot radius, orange smoke that stings eyes)
 - Pepper Powder Bomb x 10 (6 foot radius, makes foes sneeze violently)

Tool Bundle #4: Additional Tags.

Explosive Tags x 10
Incendiary Tags x 10
Shock Tags x 10
Sealing Tags x 10 (Only For Specialty Sealing Expert)

Nature Transformation Rank: 

(Normal) Earth Nature, 
Credits used: 3

Specialty Skill Tree: Asukai Elite

Ability 01: Sword wielding:
Ability 02: Weapon durability and speed:
Ability 03: Nature infuse tier 1:
Ability 04: Nature infuse tier 2:
Ability 05: Spin to Win
Ability 06: Summoning
Ability 07: Nature infuse tier 3:
Ability 08: Make it Rain
Ability 09: Chakra Shield
Ability 10: Dual Element [Lighting]

Pre-Time Skip <da:thumb id="382235500">

Tsuyoi Asukai :iconcadefoster:
Sheet by :icontraceofhatred:
Artwork done by :iconbatusawa:

Character is for :iconhiddenlanternvillage:
Special thanks to :iconfriday70:  for Tsuyoi's orginal design and being a wonderful boss


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Ben Mitchell
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
What to say about myself. I am a nerd/geek and loving every moment of it. I enjoy the finer things in life such as anime, movies, tv, video games, and a good book. I am a writer (and I use that word only because there is not real novice word for writer) and I love to have my characters brought to life. So if you would ever like to draw for me, send me a note and if you just want a nerdy friend, I am good for that too.

Current Residence: USA: High Point
Favourite genre of music: OST
Favourite style of art: Digital Art
Operating System: XP, Vista, 7
MP3 player of choice: ZUNE
Favourite cartoon character: Starscream
Personal Quote: I'm like a ugly singer with a good voice, Best for backup!
Wattpad Page:
Feel free to contact me out of DA, Facebook Page:…

Found some OLD AMVs I made.

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 13, 2014, 6:59 AM

So digging through the Youtube and Viemo archive and founds some AMVs and a few others I did. Sadly none of my Yu Yu Hakusho ones seemed to have survived, but got some bleach ones!

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Finals: Tsuyoi's Voice Actor Voting 

6 deviants said Henry Dittman (Kabuto)…
5 deviants said Wally Wingert (Renji)…
3 deviants said Dan Warren (Byakuya)…
1 deviant said To See Results


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