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After the explosive and well he meant explosive match with Kazue Kitsune, Kizashi felt that this was going to be a tough sell. It was not long before he was called up to the field. Stretching he prepared himself mentally for this fight. Though a show of strength was not exactly hero like and tantamount to bragging, but he finally wanted to see how he stacked up against the rest of the ninja. Sure being a Genin was not the best choice for him, but over coming adversity was something he needed to do.

His opponent walked out on the field. He looked angry. His face had scars and so did a lot of his other exposed body parts. He grunted as he seemed to size him up. Kizashi smiled, this might not be so bad. Get through the first round as a Genin... would be something right? 
Soon the tournament was started. Kizashi saw that Jiro was contemplating his attack, but Kizashi was already prepared and took off to the left. He started to form the hand seals for a lightning attack.
Jiro saw the move and raced to intercept "Too slow kid!" He said catching Kizashi off guard. 
Kizashi broke off from his path and took to the opposite direction in hopes to shake him off, but that was not happening. With a swift spinning kick, Jiro stuck Kizashi's hands and sent him flying back. His seals were broken and the wind was knocked out of him. Every little breath hurt so much.

Jiro was closing on him again. "I need to fight him hand to hand." He grimaced at the thought and readied to fight. He took a quick swing at Jiro, but like last time, he was already on top of him. The first strike hit Kizashi in the gut and with a stunning display of speed cracked his second fist across his jaw. Forunately from all the beatings and falling she took, Kizashi countered with a punch of his own. Sadly, his lack of skill in the area he hit Jiro with his lower set of knuckles and cracking something in his hand.

Jiro grabbed the arm that tried to hit him and lifted Kizashi up and over throwing him. Kizashi tried to stop the brunt of the fall but the hand he tried to hit Jiro with was still weak. The sound and tug as his wrist snapped echoed and pulsated through his whole body. With an final thud he stop sliding and tried to roll away from Jiro. Clearly he was not a Genin level at all.

Next thing Kizashi is aware of is the match was over. He felt so ashamed of his arrogance at being able to compete with these higher level ninja. Still if he could take anything away from this was he needed to improve in some areas. His arms were suddenly being lifted as Saya and Katsuo both helped him to his feet. Smiling at both he winced in pain as they carried him off the field and to the medical tent.
11.2 This Face Was Made For Punching

2. Tournament of Strength and Might!   

     Fight it out and show off how tough you are! Show the village your Might!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character in the tournament! (Any fight is fine, but only 1 credit can be earned!)
     NOTE: You must have signed up for the TOURNAMENT OF STRENGTH AND MIGHT to do this Mission!

Reward: 1 Mission Credit! 

Jiro :iconsuzakutrip:
Saya :iconfudgenugget:
Kizashi :iconcadefoster:
Katsuo :icondelta-tex:

"How is my hair?" He asked with all seriousness.
Tadashi turned him around and started playing with the long red hair he was wearing on his head. A few simple strokes here and there and it was perfect again. "Its fine, stop worrying about it." Tadashi told Kizashi. "Just go out there and tell your story." He pushed. 
"What if they don't like it?" he moaned. 
"They will like it now get on up there." 

Kizashi moved over to the area where of all people Tomoe was looking at him. Already the crowd was laughing and the smile on Kizashi's face probably didn't help the fact he was dressed as a girl. He wore the traditional blues of the Minawa. Underneath there his or well hers breast were, was a mesh shirt with convincing fruits or gourds that made well shaped breast. He was wearing a long red with pony tailed in the back and tied in a bun. The belt area had a few messenger bags and tool bags on it. The pants were the key as they were older style running slacks that were replaced with a new design that came out some 20 years ago. His attention to detail was to be commended.

Tomoe gave him a stern and respectable look. As much as she wanted to sigh at the boy dressing as a girl, he was also in the best words she could come up with, "A good kid" and deserved to at least speak his mind before she judged him to harshly.

"Okay Kizashi Minawa, tell us who you are and why this person deserves to be in this competition?" She asked cooly.

"My.. well my hero for this competition is Homika Minawa." He said boldly. Many in the crowd started to talk and point. It was obvious they had not heard of her, but then till recently neither had he.
"In the second great war, there was a period of tension and distrust. Spying and stealing was not uncommon. Many times the casualties early in the war were from spies getting caught  or collateral damage from escape. But we don't talk about them like we do others in the campaigns to follow. A group of three ninja set out one chilly morning in the cold season, only to have one return. One of those was Homika. The only real records we have of her exploits is from the runner that made it back and the intel she and her team recovered from a mobile encampment. The brief account says the first on the team was captured during the escape. That when he thought they were far enough pursuit was not possible, she would not accept that chance. She was going back into the forest. He pleaded that she could make it. But she refused saying that they left a man back there and the intelligence he carried was more important than  one or two ninja. She would make sure they did not follow him. His entry ends with him running off and hearing the explosions of jutsu attacks."

He looked at everyone that was not laughing at his costume anymore.

"Homkia did not slay some war lord, save a kage, or create some magical jutsu. She was not a clan leader, just a soldier in a war. A soldier that in the moment of a great opportunity for selfishness that no one would question, she put the people, the village, everything over her own life to make sure the mission succeeded. She will never have wall or monument placed in her name but she deserves to be here, because she was a true hero in my book." He finished .

He looked to Tomoe to see what reaction she was giving him....
11.1 Worthy of Legend

1A). Traditions and Tasks.   

     Everyone's got their own celebrations! But there's a few especially colourful ones in the village.
     Most events are open to anyone (non-clans too!), but you will gain Clan Karma for participating in your own!
Kizashi :iconcadefoster:
Tadashi :iconkuloi-no-chloe:
Tomoe :iconthriaemis:

    "I am so late!" he yelled in him mind. He got caught up with trying to get his new armor on. The attack on the Hibiki district was going on as he charged to the battlefield. He almost wanted to slow down but he needed to keep the brisk pace to it. He didn't want to do, all this was going to be was another attack on the village he swore to protect and yet, if he sat by and did nothing he would be just as bad as doing what he was going to do. 

    He was buildings away now, just a few more jumps, but something made him stop at the corner of a building. Looking to his left he saw a girl. Well girl might be offensive to her but a woman no less. Her pink colored hair blowing in the light breeze and over looking the Hibiki district. He tried to figure out who she was. He wasn't sure that he had ever seen a girl with hair like that he could picture. Then she seemed to notice him or finally found the interest to look in his direction. Her peach eyes looked back at his gray ones. No.. he had not seen her before. Instantly without thinking of what he was really doing he pulled his hands up in the beginning stages of a jutsu. Bad move! She quickly reacted like a veteran shinobi and bolted to the left then the right in a serpentine maneuver that was too quick to follow. He then started to make the sighs for an attack but it was too late. The woman was already in striking distance and clothes lined him in the chest and spinning him violently to the left throwing him across the street and smashing on the roof of the adjacent building.

    With a crash, the tiles around Kizashi started to crack and break. He slid down the angled roof, the pieces of broken tile cutting and and sticking in his back. Soon the could see the woman looking back at him. It was not want he wanted to do but he needed to attack back. It was his fault but if he didn't protect himself she would pummel him to pieces. Praying the tiles would stop breaking he caught his foot under one of them and stopped. He had little time to waste and formed the needed seals. Bug Zapper Two! He cried as both hands came together and arching lighting blasted from his hands and struck the base of where she was. A loud boom echoed and small flames and smoke and dust clouded his vision. But he could tell she was no longer there. 

    A slight smile came to his face when the tile gave way and he started sliding again right off the side spinning as he hit the cobblestone street. He could hear the cracking of something in his body. The pain was terrifying as he tried to get up. His whole chest hurt but that was the least of his issues. What had happened to that woman he was fighting? Suddenly, he heard the coughing coming from the rubble of the building he shot at. Oh Tokara was going to charge him so much if she found out about this. Painfully he got up and made his way over to the pile. The woman was pinned under a large chunk of wall. He was worried she had been hit from it falling on her directly, but she seemed to be in a stable shape. Most likely it fell on its side and toppled over. Still he caused this, he needed to fix it. Moving as fast as he could he tried to lift up with his own strength. The woman glared at him and he thought she said something. His ears were ringing which was never good. Taking out his mask he took a deep breath before placing it on. 

    He could feel the tendrils of chakra burrowing into his mind and body as they synced. s he feared the feelings he was bombarded with was anger and disappointment. Most likely from the fact he was so beaten and now at victory, he was going to use his mask to help her. His silvery arms reached around and grab hold of the wall. He knew they would not add too much to the lifting power but if she helped with her obvious strength, this would be nothing.
"Okay, I know I might have started this, but I am not going to leave you here. I am Kizashi Minawa and I will be...(He struggled to life) The Hero this village needs." he chanted putting all his strength that was not being sapped by the pain in his chest. The woman obviously helped as the wall fragment lifted and she she slid out as fast as she was darting on the roof top. With that Kizashi let go of the roof and grabbed his mask taking it off before his ancestor decided his weakened state was a good time for a joy ride.

    The woman was quick back to her feet and looked at the boy with narrow eyes. He looked back at her. His head showing a small sign of blood dripping down. He held his chest with his left arm. 
"Kizashi you say?" She said finally, her voice as soft as her hair looked.
He grinned a big grin like he always had. "Yes." he said "And you are an Aoki?" he pointed out.
She waited a moment and nodded. "Michi is my name. If you are with the Phoenix like the rest of your clan, than you are my enemy." She said with a serious tone.
He gave a wryly smile. "I like to think that I am no ones enemy. Sadly these sides have made that really hard." he tilted his head. "I had not intention of picking a fight with you." he coughed a little.
"Well you made it seem pretty convincing." She countered.
"Again, that was my mistake." He said coughing.
She smiled and walked over to him. "Not really I should fatten you here and now." She said staring at him. "But you don't seem to have the strength to keep going." 
He laughed. "I have plenty." He stood up popping a few places as he did.
She looked behind him as saw how torn up he was. Shaking her head. "Get going." She ordered.
He looked surprised.
"Get to the hospital before you pass out." She pointed to the west end of the street. "Go!" She barked.
He nodded, feeling relief that it was not going to come to blows. 
Michi looked at him and sighed. She was pretty sure he would pass out before he got there and jumped back up to the roof. She followed him a few blocks till she was sure he was going to make it. With that she turned back to the Hibiki district and took off at full speed.
9.2 The Hero and the Fox Princess

2. Tipping the Balance.

     "Though the Fox Faction have quite a bit of Support - We cannot falter, we are close to victory!
     The Mansei did not see the merit in joining our side, and have chosen to turn on us instead - 
     And now, they are now attacking our allies in the Hibiki District - We must retaliate!

     When we have Claimed their territory, we will negotiate for them to join our Faction instead.
     This will be a crippling blow for the Fox Faction, and could even end the Political Struggle!
     Let us bring forth an age of stability in 
Tōrōgakure - An age the Fox is too primitive to understand!"
          - Noboru Asukai, Lead Adviser of the Phoenix Faction.

     - Hibiki will receive a +0.5 Intelligence Bonus in this battle, as they're fighting in their home District.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's Actions in the Skirmish near the Mansei Compound.
     Clans Supporting the Fox Faction will be in this Battle - Watch out for their Strengths!
     (Make sure if you use someone else's Character in a key way - You ask or speak first!)
     There is also an option to not participate, but sitting around won't teach you as much.

Reward for Participating in the Skirmish: 1 Mission Credit, +Clan Karma. 

Michi :iconsukieyo:
Kizashi :iconcadefoster:
    It was getting dark and cloudy over the village. Soon as the minutes passed the rain started to fall followed by rolls of thunder in the distance. Kizashi stood on the top of his family's house. He looked to the coming storm and thought how poetic it was.
"Soon, even now a storm brews within these walls of the great village. A place united now ripped apart by ideals and politics. No good will come from this and nothing will be gained. I sense only bloodshed before this is over." He said to no one in particular as he looked at the compound.
From a distance he looked like a protector looking over his charges.

    Soon the lightning caught up with the storm and he looked up at the streaks of energy. It reminded him of his favorite book. The great scene where he just gave himself to the world and ended a great source of pain for them. But that was just a story. There was no way for his to do anything like that, well that he knew of. It seemed that he was going to have to deal with what was going on. The Minawa clan had taken sides with the Phoenix Faction. Which was not the worst thing in his opinion, they were the driving force for a peaceful solution. Making the village a economic center point would make it invaluable to all the other villages. To attack and injure it would be hurting their own economy, and that was a defense shield they could wield without ever raising a sword.

    A loud bang and rumble shook the house and he looked up again. Water hit his eyes as well as everywhere else. The cold soaked through his clothes and skin down to his bones. It made them ache and his body started to shiver on its own. What would everyone think? Kaibun has been more and more distant these few weeks. Since the missions in the desert he has been harder and harder to find What about Anzu? The growing political situation between our clans has been pretty bad. Nothing would make me stop caring about her but... showing up like i used might just get us all in to a lot of trouble. Thankfully Yuurei had joined the Phoenix. He wouldn't know what he would do without him there, well he and Tadashi both. They were just the rocks that kept his happy side well happy.

    Then a moment of real fear caused his stomach to clench. What about Katsuo, or Akio? Oh god what about Chouko? Would she end up on the opposing side? Momo and Eri were others he had not gotten to talk to about this. What were their choices? His world was spinning out of control. Why did things have to end up this way? What had the village done to bring so much hatred upon its own people? Then a single word rang out. Saya. What was her choice in all this? He grabbed at where his heart was. What side was she going to join and would she... could she... attack me? Can I attack her? So many things I have not told people and times like this would take all those Opportunities away.

    A well placed lightning strike matched his yell to the heavens "Why!" He screamed. "What the hell am I supposed to do?" he swore, maybe for the first time ever out loud. He started to feel weak. "What... what can I do to protect a village that attacks itself?" he mumbled.

    "Shut the hell up you adopted twerp!" Tokara's voice came from behind. She no doubt thought he was playing another one of his games and threw one of the older pots at him. The pot struck him mildly in the head but with his weakened stance and state screamed as he fell forward off the roof.
9.1 There are Sometimes No Good Choices

1. Taking a Side.

     Tōrōgakure is now divided into Three Major Political Views - All of which are very different.
     The one ends up at the top will greatly affect the Village, perhaps changing it forever even. 
     Where do you and your loyalties stand? And are you willing to fight for them?

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's take on the Political Struggle of Tōrōgakure.
     Where do their views stand? How has this affected them? How will it affect them?
     While it is possible to simply not choose a side, it's becoming more dangerous to do so.
     The majority of the Factions hold a quite passionate, "You're with us, or you aren't" view,
     there is no way to join two Factions (unless you betray one later on), so think hard on it.
     Depending on the Political Faction you choose to support - The Missions will differ.

Reward: 1 Mission Credit & Political Affiliation.
Kizashi :iconcadefoster:
Tadashi :iconkuloi-no-chloe:
Tokara :icontaminki:
Akio    :iconcav101:
Kaibun :icongreenfrogsina:
Yuurei :iconhirnfutter:
Katsuo :icondelta-tex:
Chouko :iconwatashiwaarisu:
Anzu   :iconaqualannis:
Eri  :iconmisslalariot:
Saya :iconfudgenugget:


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I am looking for someone that does commissions that might have a slot opened this week.
Sadly I don't have tooo much in points or money but I have a design and with the Arc 0 things going on I would like to participate. So if you or someone knows of anyone that can work with me I would be eternally grateful!!!

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TG Academy Era Headcanon!! Tsuyoi and Kizashi 

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