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Everyone was not sure what happened or how it happened. But in the end it happened and there was little any of them could do. The trench was rather empty until a few more groups showed up. The trip was rather quiet, most of the shinobi they met were of another age range or too cold to want to be friends. Then when we thought all things had passed and we were home free... we were wrong.

The avalanche came from no where. soon people were flung and tossed some were buried while others struggled to stay above the freezing snow.

Kizashi emerged from from the snow and pulled his way above it. Yuurei and Kaibun also showed up relatively close to where he was...but where was Tadashi. A moment of panic came over the two of them when they say him looking back at them. But, something was off, it was like he was only a head in the snow. Apparently he was so tall he stood in the thick of it all and got buried to his neck line. With a grunt Tadashii pulled himself up with the help of Yuurei and Kizashi. The giant man child stood up and shivered from the cold.

"Grow up." Kaibun said looking around. "Wait ... do you hear that?" He asked.

The three of them were hugging each other close and shivering. This only brought more of annoyance to Kaibun as he looked around. He came across a flailing set of chubby legs. The body seemed to be stuck in the snow and screaming at the top of its lungs. Kaibun cocked his head to the side and smiled.

The three finally made it over to the stuck man and looked at Kaibun smiling.
"Whats so funny?" Yuurei asked
"Well... this porker is stuck, that's whats funny." He smiled.
Everyone's face turned a little sour.
"Well you cannot leave him there." Yuurei protested
"He will suffocate if you don't pull him out." Kizashi protested as well.
"Kaibun!" Tadashi added.
He pondered for a moment. "I'm thinking about it." Then the finally grabbed one leg and motioned for the others to come over. They did so and grabbed the other leg. With a swift pull the managed to get the shinobi back on top of the ground. His face was wet and red like his hair. Almost thought it was another Minawa till the screaming came.
"THANK YOUUUUU!" he squeezed Kaibun tight in a hug. Then after a long moment of the three of them enjoying this touching moment he realized what was going on around him.
"Oh look its the kid that had the massive poo." He pointed out bringing a flush to Kizashi's already cold red cheeks. He was about to defend himself when Kana erupted.
"I'm cooooooooold!"
"I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
"I wanna go hooooooooome!"
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" He started to sob and snot everywhere. Which was sorta tolerable till the snot started to freeze to his face. Then more screaming came.
The hike through the woods was cold and depressing. Not knowing where to go was making it hard to keep morale up. When hope seemed lost however, a few smoke trails could be seen through the tree line...a camp. A brisk pace was made to get to the camp. Everyone was cheering and hooting in happiness. When they neared the end of the forest the smell of food caught Kana's nose.
"I'm bored now byeeeee" was all he said as he took off  towards the smell.
Kaibun looked back at Kizashi. "You have strange friends, you know that?"
4.2 Somethings should be left alone.
2. Avalanche! (note: you must complete Mission 1 before attempting this mission!)

     "Shit! It looks like I underestimated you punks! Well, no matter! DIE!"
Based off HLV: Shouldn't sleep in the snow by GreenFrogSina

Yuurei :iconhirnfutter:
Kizashi :iconcadefoster:
Kaibun :icongreenfrogsina:
Tadashi :iconkuloi-no-chloe:
Kana :iconjaz-saxx:
The attack came from no where. One moment they were in the trench leading to the village, next there were three bandits in front of them. They did not look particularly fierce or well dressed. Most of the clothes they wore were mix and matches of other sets. No doubt they were left over from other raids. Kaibun quickly got into a fighting stance... or well what they thought was one. It was pretty lazy looking, more like a scared position.

Yuurei and Kizashi  readied themselves as well. Yuurei had a already angry look on his face, while Kizashi was strangly calm looking besides the "tap tap tap tap" pattern he was drumming on the mask. Yuurei smiled at this, he knew that was Kizashi thinking up something. Kizashi looked over to Yuurei. "You think the "Bug Zapper" Would work here?" he said with a smile.
Yuurei smiled "I do indeed."
Kizashi turned to Kaibun. "Hey, we are about to pull off a three man Genjutsu attack." he nodded to Kaibun.
He snorted and looked uncaring of what they were going to do, but the little guy had a point. A three pronged attack would be helpful. He finally nodded and prepared for the assault.

The bandits were not happy with the lack of attention they were getting and started to shout and shake their swords at them like it was suppose to scare them.
The three started to form the appropriate hand signals.
Kaibun and Yuurei prepared and fired off Demonic illusion: False Surroundings.
Kizashi being slightly less skilled in the arts of Genjutsu launched Demonic illusion: Hell viewing Technique.
Kizashi's target instantly started to panic and scream in horror as he ran away from the fight. Kiabun's and Yuurei's stood paralyzed in fear over the situation.

"Lets go Yuurei!" Kizashi yelled
"Right!" He replied.

The two boys took places on either side of Yuurei's bandit and started to make hand signs.
"And now the Tōrōgakure Special Technique: Bug Zapper!"
"And now the Tōrōgakure Special Technique: Bug Zapper!" They both chanted together as lightning arched from their hands striking the bandit causing him to convulse before passing out on the soft snow.
Kaibun rolled his eyes. "Stupid kids." He said out loud finished his own hand signs. A powerful gust of wind took off from his palm and collected chunks of snow and ice slamming them into the body of the fear stricken man. Soon not only was he hurt from the debris that was brought along but he was taken off his feet and crashed into the side ice wall of the trench they were in. A dull moan and thud was all they heard before the winds calmed down.

The two boys here jumping up and down giving each other high fives and hugging.
"Dear lord you two are annoying." Kaibun said rubbing his head.

In the distance another figure could be seen. Was it another bandit they wandered? It was possible that the last one Kizashi had sent away returned but seemed unlikely. As it closed in on them the body became larger and more lanky, definitely not the bandit they sent away.
"Kaibun... I finally found you!" The voice cried out. It was Tadashi. Kaibun showed his appreciation by calling back. "At least you were strong enough to survive." he said harshly.
"The friendship brigade unites again!" The two boys shouted.
"I hate you all." Kaibun muttered and walked off.
4.1 Tango and Cash...and Kaibun
1. Ambush!
     On the way to Kōsetsumura, we were ambushed! Fend off the bandits as best as you can!
     The Jōnin are busy fighting the bandit leader, so fend off the thugs to protect their rear!
     Your Task:
     Write or draw about your character fighting off the bandits in the trench!
     note: Again realize, these are bandits! (not shinobi, but still dangerous), They don't wear protectors! 
     they're just japanese thieves with simple weapons (tanto, katana, etc) and traditional clothes,
     they might know some techniques, but no nature transformations, mostly raw strength/speed.

Yuurei :iconhirnfutter:
Kizashi :iconcadefoster:
Kaibun :icongreenfrogsina:
Tadashi :iconkuloi-no-chloe:
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TGer's I need a Quick Commission

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 1:30 PM


I am looking for someone that does commissions that might have a slot opened this week.
Sadly I don't have tooo much in points or money but I have a design and with the Arc 0 things going on I would like to participate. So if you or someone knows of anyone that can work with me I would be eternally grateful!!!

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TG Academy Era Headcanon!! Tsuyoi and Kizashi 

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