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It is said that one should keep one’s allies within view, and one’s enemies within reach.
A valid statement. One must be able to read an ally’s strengths, so as to determine how best to use him.
One must similarly be able to read an enemy’s weaknesses, so as to determine how best to defeat him.
But what of friends?
There is no accepted answer, perhaps because true friendship is so exceedingly rare.
But I have formulated my own.
A friend need not be kept either within sight or within reach. A friend must be allowed the freedom to find and follow his own path.
If one is fortunate, those paths will for a time join. But if the paths separate, it is comforting to know that a friend still graces the universe with his skills, and his viewpoint, and his presence.
For if one is remembered by a friend, one is never truly gone.
    Finally, this day was over. Was the thoughts that Ezria had when she fell on to her bed thanking her finely skilled reflexes or just pure luck that she did not collapse on the floor. The pressure of trying to gain information on someone people were not as pin point as one might think. There was a lot to take into account, such as if you knew people they associated with, where did they like to spend time, and if you could ever find them between all the work that has been going on recently. Amirmoez on the other hand turned out to be the exception this time for all three. He managed to know the few people that Ezria deemed worthy of even speaking with, his exploits seemed to be brought up often, work was not preventing her from finding anything to further her yearly observations of him. However, the journey lead her through a few areas she rather have not step through, mainly a back ally to catch up with someone going on about his cat and she passed through an residential area right before trash day. The only memory she had was her nose burning so bad her eyes went almost white in pain and the only description she had for whatever had been thrown out that week was a cross between 100 dirty diapers and a week old beached seal. Still in the end she managed to collected enough data to properly cite a new entry under his name.

    Malik Amirmoez Born May 5th, 1860. Amirmoez continues to follow the profession of sniper and what I gather one of the better or well rounded of the lot. Snipers require some level of commendable skill in being able to fire explosive propelled metal through long distances and hitting a target. But like all that I have seen with an impressive they tend to lack other places or can come off as peculiar. Could be the fact he is the only Ishbalan sniper in his company.

    She stopped writing to ponder that last sentence. It was no secret that she felt lowly on most of the baseline grunts in the military but anyone that neglected talent for something as trivial as country of origin made her left pinky twitch with irritation. That reminded her of her travels and coming across a band of nomadic performers from one of the neighboring regions. They refused to take apples we provided them because they were not grown in their homeland. Why would you refuse the nutrients of an identical object that if her father had been any less of a honest person would have lied and found a batch he knew was grown in that region.

    Cultured aside I dove deeper asking around to learn more about him. One in particular that made me want to learn the secrets of his joining was from Atticus. He was the one that put me on the case as far as learning why he would join a company that he would be the only Ishbalan in fact we wondered why he joined the army at all given the low population of Ishbalan. Asking around I heard a few things that shined some light on his personality, one being that he was overly sensitive to other races and often made them feel like he was assuming prejudice towards him which caused irritation in a few. Another claimed that Amirmoez was "cool" which seems to be new linguistic slang going around the grunt pool for someone that is pleasant to be around, (Turns the page)

    however they point out this his behaviors are quite odd or rather he sticks out from the rest of group sometimes. This news caused a stall in my investigation as I had burned out my last contact in the lower ranks, however I managed to catch the conversation between a few soldiers on 
Amirmoez. Apparently they commented on how hard a worker he was. Which to me could be the odd behavior coming from the others as unless they were told to point a gun at someone soldiers rarely impressed her. But the group moved to another street block and to avoid suspicion ran through a back ally which caused significant harm to many senses. I caught the tail end with them griping over a cat that he apparently brought with him. Cats and other pets were a luxury that people in my family didn't have time for. Constantly needing attention and limiting the duration in which you could do certain things was a hassle, but near the end of my fact finding quest might have shined some light on situation. I happened to stumble upon Amirmoez buying some food from the local store, possibly bread or other baked good. (Turns the page)

    The two ladies began talking as I went in. One was an alchemist and the other the worker. The Alchemist made a point that he never bought such things much as he kept very little money for himself, in fact that he sent a lot of money to his family or so they had heard. If this was the case, then if I guess right the cat may be a link to his family of some sort that would symbolize a strong family unit of some kind. If this is the case it might explain the odd attitude towards outsiders. Still leaves the mystery of why he joined in the first place but later observations will have to be made. 

She closed her journal again and pushed it to the side of the bed. The amount of effort this took was rewarding but not what she had expected to put into. Blowing out from puffed out cheeks she wiggled and lost all thought as the room went dark and she went to sleep.
Birthday Bash: Malik
Trying to uncover the mystery of Malik was fun. The tips and tricks left by your fellow mates made this one paticularly fun. hope you enjoy!!

Malik ShadowHachia

    She stared blankly into the void of space, beyond that of time and or space. Which was ironic given she was in this state because of the flow of time. Another month had passed since her own birthday. As troublesome as it was to have these feelings, Ezria had a duty to continue her observational research on the alchemist. Reaching into the front right pocket she retrieved the small book she wrote in. Finding the sections where she kept Klein’s information, she began to transfer those notes as well as her own added observations over to paper.

    April 14th, yearly review on Froy Klein also goes by the alias Iron Forge Alchemist. She has shown skill in manipulating molecules of metals to potentially craft weapons. This should be no surprise that anyone that shares a fondness for metal construction or creation is a potential asset.  Her ability to reshape metals in fine form is beyond what creating magnetic fields can accomplish right now. Her abilities give her a wider range of materials she can manipulate.

    My observations have yielded me little in the way of her personality. We have not been placed on formal operations yet. But in my observations I have noticed her lack of foods normally associated with garlic. Whether this is a dislike of those types of foods or another reason I have not found out. Another attempt to read up on her state of mind also proved useless as her hand writing is worse than the most complex cipher.Alchemist Klein has proven rather elusive for me on most occasions leaving me limited feedback from people. Most I have gathered is that she is really nice and she is a rather interesting practical joker.When she was the primary target for observation I noticed two very abnormal behaviors that I feel should be noted.

    In the month of May I noticed she visited the market many times purchasing ingredients that I believed to be used to make baked goods such as cookies or cake. However, not long after she would depart her ouse and purchase sweets from the bakery.  My only two hypothesis Is that she is a glutton and not buying enough for herself and gorging, which by her figure would counter that argument,  or that I am mistaken. However, it should be noted she has purchased many pounds of chocolate in bit form.

    She also seems to have a great love of books. Many times I have caught her frequenting the library in both the public and military outlets. This is not as abnormal as the fact that I have seen her take at least 25 books out in the first two weeks but nearing the end of my observation days, I have not seen her return them to either establishment. Knowing full well that either place has a 7 day restriction unless signed by commanding officer that extensions be made for certain situations. I will have to follow up on this at a later date and determine if she is under a mountain of debt to the establishments.

    Ezria finally reached the end of her notes. She glared at the notes realizing that she possibly made more questions about Froy Klein than answered, this would be one she would have to follow up on in a later session. For now, she closed the journal and put it back in its home. It was time to rest and decide the next person to study. Her eyes closed but the smile did not fade. She loved being her. 

[AL] Birthday Bash Froy Klein
So  the lovely Froy Klein by Lumaki-san Is quite the puzzle for Ezria. Very much a one step forward two step back.
Thank you :iconlumaki-san: for the lovely detailed app for her. I was able to try and create some fun situations for her in hopes I stayed in the light of the character!


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