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XenoEffect Main Cast

Peter Vindico by dinmoneyBen Crichton by dinmoneyYui by dinmoney

Rezza Ivanova by dinmoney


Tsuyoi Asukai -The Destroyer- by cadefoster Tsuyoi Asukai
TG_TsuyoiAsukai_STAMP by SoulOfPersephoneTG_TsuyoiAsukai_TheDeathBringer by SoulOfPersephone
Team 116: Team Awkward.
Coming soon
Team 121: Tsu-Na-Mi Retired
Commission 212 by KuromiyaStudio
Team 112 Death Bringers:RETIRED
Ninja Kodak Moment by Shiori92
:HLV: Team 112 - Death Bringers by KirCorn

Tsuyoi Asukai Bonds (Very incomplete Update) by cadefoster
Tsuyoi and Friends chibi-kii
 photo chib_tsuyoi_by_chibi_kii-d8gb4g9_zps1a7187c3.png photo chib_keigo_by_chibi_kii-d8i0ui61_zps13d86cb7.png photo chib_hikari_by_chibi_kii-d8i0uj2_zps6942dbef.png photo chib_kana_by_chibi_kii-d8g58ak1_zps72b64f66.png photo chib_himawari_by_chibi_kii-d8gcqtg1_zpsaf210e72.png photo chib_kazue_by_chibi_kii-d8h1crl_zpsdcd8c935.png photo chib_naoto_by_chibi_kii-d8gliku_zpsd46c370b.png photo chib_michi_by_chibi_kii-d8g6kwt1_zps72b64f66.png photo chib_aosa_by_chibi_kii-d8gb4fl_zpsc29a5727.png

Kizashi Minawa:
Kizashi Minawa -The Hardy Genin - by cadefoster


Yasutora Osamu
Yasutora Osamu by cadefoster
Tetsuno, Toguro
Tetsuno,Toguro by cadefoster


Gwendolyn "Gwen" Aphenglow
Gwendolyn -Gwen- Aphenglow by cadefoster

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Kizashi Minawa -The Hardy Genin - by cadefoster
Kizashi Minawa -The Hardy Genin -
Medical Information:
Ninja Registration Number:
Full Name: Kizashi Minawa
Gender: male
Current Age: 16
Birthday: August 13th
Height: 5'6
Weight: 165 lbs
Blood type: B
<da:thumb id="466805093"/>

Personality Information:

Hobbies: Collecting old stories and books he can get his hands on.

Mannerisms: Kizashi can be very vocal about things when he feels the spot light is on him. Using his hands to do most of his talking, he is not above using exaggerated gestures to make his point most of them resembling the artwork found on tapestries in the art galleries and in the castle of old legends and the Kages.  He also has a hero mentality that causes him ti be dramatic about certain things and say embarrassing phrases he read in old stories.

When he is nervous or bored he can drum his fingers on his mask in a tap tap tap tap beat. When in combat he tends to be more fluid and calm using subtle gestures to taunt his foes. This complements his pseudo hero like mentality in showing no weakness or fear to his foes.
Once the fight is over he is quick to revert back to his normal overly active self and chant victory cries. 
Defeat is something he dislikes and many times to cope with his disappointment he dramatically vows to return stronger than before!

When dealing with matters of state and rituals Kizashi not only observers them, but respects them greatly. One of the recurring points in his stories is the need to respect the customs of the people around you when ceremonies are being performed. Always one to make a joke Kizashi is quick to tell friends, family, and nearby people to be respectful at certain events.

Likes: Finely tailored clothes, sweets, opportunities to prove himself to the village, being active, all types of ninjutsu, most all meats, pretty girls that don't turn him down, fishing, Hot Springs, and all legends from the past, Kaibun Minawa, Anzu, Rieka

Dislikes:Tools and users of tools, misplaced arrogance, people that look down on him for his age, sour foods, pretty girls that turn him down, villains, Fairy Tails and endings that are pointlessly happy because he feels there are no real happy endings(at least not right now)

Most of his inspirations fell from grace when he saw the slaughter of the village.
Many of the OLD OLD legends with tragic tales and histories still inspire him.

Life Goals: 
To be picked by the Akarikage for anything! 
To be known as a legendary hero one day.
To Make Tomoe proud of him
To Have a perfect bond with his mask Spirit.

Noteable Changes 
-He becomes much more cynical when it comes being the good guy. He starts looking at life as full of action and choices, not just right and wrong, black and white
-He is finally respected by his sister Tokara and begins training with her more and more. However, he is more fearful of her as she personality becomes more dark.
-He stops wanting to be in Kaibun Shadow and wants to fight along side him as an equal.


Kizashi has lived in a fantasy world growing up. His love for history of the clan and the village and all the legends that were created locally and from lands a far were his escape from his very average and normal home. His parents were about as average as they come and his sister being the greedy and very protective off all things left Kizashi alone and bored; to entertain himself he started acting like his favorite stories adopting the personality to keep things interesting. Absorbed by the stories and plays put on by the village. He started to incorporate theatrical movements in his life as well as wanting to be a hero. This meshed with his hot fire of youth energy and easily excitable nature created his over the top personality. These started taking root in most of his everyday life and his actions became over the top leading him to do things in dramatic style that causes him to appear goofy or even clumsy.
He has never done anything that has hurt anyone but he has broken a few signs and fences before leading to many after academy chores.

His joking and energetic has a deep rooted love and respect for traditions in the village. He loves to observe them and if the opportunity arises he would volunteer to be part of them. His studies gave him a unique perspective into importance of certain traditions and it is the part if the good guy to respect those traditions or how will they respect him when he is famous?

With friends, family, and his team Kizashi is very vocal about things to the point he can get almost violent looking with his hand movements if the subject interest him.
His love for his clan runs pretty deep to his prideful nature. Many times he would go to other families’ houses and listen to family histories or stories about the great achievements of the clan.
Often when he was younger and still some today he finds out Kazuki, Kenshiki, or one of the elders to tell him one of their tales. Many times they would impart some of their own wisdom from the stories making them not only fun but educational that he would take to the battlefield or life.

Kizashi has little trouble making friends; its keeping some that can deal with his hyper style is what is hard. 
His hero like mentality usually attracts him to the lonelier of the kids. In the academy days he would look for people that were being left out in hopes of giving them hope and if they were girls, he could save the damsel in distress.

When in group missions or in actual combat he is almost a different person. He tends to act calmer and laid back almost like the thrill of battle is soothing to him. He holds a straight face when he can. Many times he will make fun of or even act as if an attack or hit was unimpressive to play mind games with his opponent. Even when attacking them he tends to seem unimpressed as to give off the idea they were not worth his time.

Around his older sister Tokara, Kizashi is very careful in what he does. Most of the time acting proper and holding back urges to argue or run off in hopes to keep her from publicly embarrassing him with one of her blunt comments. Kizashi over the years has developed almost a phobia when it comes to objects in the house or anyone's house. His quick to act nature has caused many damages in and out of the house, which his sister takes seriously with her love for interior design. On top of the mind crushing scalding he receives from her, he often is the one to repair or pay to fix what is broken. This has led to the way he acts with her in public after an incident with him breaking thought one of the fences in the village leading to his repairing all the broken boards his fault and not, also having him paint the entire fence.
With all that they have been though he loves his sister deeply as she being close to his age was always a friend to him and could do partake in many of the same activities. Her shy nature with feelings had made his conversations somewhat reserved but she tends to turn to him before most as he has learned to talk with her better than most of her friends and even family.

Additional information:

Honesty- He hides his feelings poorly and is quick to tell someone what they think. This usually only happens to girls but he has caused some altercations with villagers. This however, also makes him valued by his friends as he is rather up front with his feelings about situations


Hero Complex- Kizashi tends to idolize heroes and legends to the point he acts like them or tries to act like them. This sometimes leads to him taking jobs and request that he cannot do to help people in need. It is also the route of many of his “clumsy” mistakes


Hates Loneliness- Part of his hero ideals created a serious dislike for people being left out or trying to stay out of groups. He looks at them as people in need or not given a chance to have a real friend. He takes it upon himself to bring joy back in their lives and give them hope that friendship is possible.
However, with most females he sees it as a chance to be the dashing hero and save the damsel. He often hopes that when he becomes the hero he is not a tragic one and eventually he will save his one true love.

Kaibun :icongreenfrogsina: The Minawa he looks up too and has an estranged friendship/partnership with him.
Anzu :iconaqualannis: He has the longest history with her. He likes that she is always happy to see him and looks at her as his closet friend. He is confused on hat he feels.
Reika :iconwhipcrack: She often charms him with her looks to get something from him. Though awkward and a little scary Reika is at the end of the day a good friend to him.

Thanks to :iconwhipcrack: :iconjaz-saxx:

Fluff/Feel good relief Pieces
2 deviants said Warring States and TG
1 deviant said I am really just wanting to do some fluff, but feeling limited.
No deviants said Don't know if anyone was interested in giving me fun fluff ideas for wither of my groups
No deviants said If some reason a group wants me to do something drop your ideas here.


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Ben Mitchell
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RP with me

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 4:51 PM

Stole the idea from whipcrack

So I have really have fallen off the RP wagon, and I want some fun or deep RPs with my boys

Yasutora Osamu from WarringStates Yasutora Osamu by cadefoster

Or Tetsuno ToguroTetsuno,Toguro by cadefoster

Tsuyou Asukai HiddenLanternVillageTsuyoi Asukai -The Destroyer- by cadefoster

Kizashi Minawa HiddenLanternVillageKizashi Minawa -The Hardy Genin - by cadefoster

Some really important ones have gotten away from me but I don't want to make people feel they need to RP with me. SO if you want to we can def talk it out and find somewhere fun to start.


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Fluff/Feel good relief Pieces 

2 deviants said Warring States and TG
1 deviant said I am really just wanting to do some fluff, but feeling limited.
No deviants said Don't know if anyone was interested in giving me fun fluff ideas for wither of my groups
No deviants said If some reason a group wants me to do something drop your ideas here.


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